Accreditation / Framework


Each degree awarding program shall be administered a registration form. The information contained in the form shall be used for determining eligibility criteria for assessment.

Submission of Application:


All NAEAC forms (8) to be filled in.


  1. SAR prepared by the Program.
  2. Assessment Team Report on the basis of SAR
  3. Faculty survey data, student’s evaluation reports and employer’s survey data


All requisite forms, documents and fees are to be submitted to the NAEAC Secretariat.

Accreditation Fee Structure:

The following fee structure was approved.

S.No Approved Accreditation Fee Structure, w.e.f. July 01, 2016
Public Sector Private Sector
At least Rs. 100,000 up-to three disciplines At least Rs. 150,000 per discipline. (Based on full cost recovery)
Rs.150,000/- Four to six disciplines Rs.200,000/- Four to six disciplines
Rs. 200,000/- Seven to Ten disciplines Rs. 250,000/- Seven to Ten disciplines
Rs.250,000/- more than ten disciplines Rs.300,000/- more than ten disciplines

Desk Audit:

The Desk Audit of the submitted application forms and documents will be carried out at the Secretariat of the Council on the basis of the given criteria and standard procedures.

Field Audit/ Inspection visit:

On the successful Desk Audit of the application, Inspection will be scheduled and the respective institution will be intimated regarding the date and detailed program of the Inspection Visit by the Accreditation Inspection Committee.

Outcome of Inspection:

Program Evaluators will submit evaluation report to the Chairman, NAEAC. Accordingly, the same report will be reviewed during the next meeting of NAEAC. The result will be conveyed to the concerned Institution/program.

Updating of Information:

The institution of the accredited program will be required to update the Council concerning any change of facts declared in the original documents submitted for the accreditation.