In recent years, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan has taken several initiatives to improve both access to and quality of higher education. The establishment of the Accreditation Councils is a major step towards improving the quality and bringing it at par with the international standards. Accreditation is both about quality assurance and quality improvement. Accreditation process determines the minimum acceptable educational standard. The Higher Education Commission established the National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC) in 2007 having representation of experts from agricultural universities and research institutions, leading industries and R&D institutions in public and private sectors.

Mission Statement

     Developing a dynamic and evolving mechanism of quality assurance of agriculture education to meet the current and emerging challenges of knowledge economy.


  1. Administer the accreditation process based on the approved policies, procedures and criteria;
  2. Maintain a roster of highly qualified and experienced evaluators and constitute Accreditation Inspection Committee (AIC) of evaluators for the accreditation of agriculture education institutions and their accredited degree programs.
  3. Collect, compile and develop a database of agriculture education institutions and their accredited degree programs.
  4. Promote and Publish pertinent information on the need and value of accreditation as well as ranking/rating of agriculture degree programs.
  5. Registration of Agriculture Graduates


  1. Organize and carryout comprehensive accreditation of agriculture programs leading to degrees/diplomas based on approved policies, procedures and criteria, and publish a list of ranking of degree programs.
  2. Develop accreditation policies, processes, guidelines, and procedures for program evaluators.
  3. Approve the list of evaluators selected through HEC approved criteria to participate in the process of accreditation of academic programs and constitute AICs from approved list of evaluators.
  4. Develop evaluators training manual/self-study material, questionnaires, forms and templates relating to accreditation.
  5. Collect information and statistics on accredited programs of higher education of agriculture and its respective institutions and publish them as deemed necessary.

Scope of NAEAC

All agriculture degree programs offering by Public /Private Sector institutions fall under the purview of NAEAC including:

  1. Agronomy and Crop Physiology
  2. Plant Breeding and Genetics
  3. Agricultural Entomology
  4. Forestry, Range Management and Wildlife
  5. Horticulture
  6. Soil and Environmental Science
  7. Agricultural Economics
  8. Marketing and Agribusiness
  9. Food Science and Technology
  10. Agricultural Education and Extension
  11. Animal Science
  12. Weed Science
  13. Plant Protection
  14. Plant Pathology
  15. Agri. Chemistry
  16. Agri. Biotechnology
  17. Fisheries and Aqua Culture
  18. Poultry Science
  19. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
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